22.00 Mother Criminal (DJ set)

Friday 20 October 2023

Mother Criminal

Mother Criminal is a Prague-based DJ, promoter, director, editor, and founder of Bukolika, the annual DIY forest mania, temporary utopia, collective art body and promoting team. After years spent with writing and literary studies at Charles University in Prague, Mother Criminal, the alias of Tomáš Suchánek, finally anchored his passion for art in cinema. He debuted with an experimental film Dead Metaphor (2018) and, after a brief encounter with FAMU, started co-writing and co-directing shows, commercials and documentaries for Czech TV. At the moment, he works as a director, editor and curator of self-promotion videos for Prima TV. In his oeuvre, he focuses on the psychological, oneiric and mysterious. His latest independent works include music videos for Dmitrievna's track "Logika" (2020), Josefina Dusk's "Shuffle to the Traffic Sound" (2022) or soon to be released OGmiaG's “Inner Demons” (2023). Apart from his cinematic adventures, he also performs as a DJ. His idea of an ideal mix is this: to follow the trajectory of a missile cutting space and time from obese bass to razor-sharp breaks that hit hard and leave a crater in the echo.