20.50 FILM SCREENING: Dustin Breitling, "Operation Anthropolysis" + "The Grave Deception"

Saturday 21 October 2023

Dustin Breitling

Dustin Breitling is one of the founders of Diffractions Collective. He has curated Thanatropic Regressions (2014), an installation which focused on the implications of accelerationism approached through the theoretical prism of geo-philosophy, and was co-organizer of Frontiers of Solitude project (2016), the Reinventing Horizons conference (2016), and the Wyrdpatchworkshop I-IV (2018-2019). He is co-editor of Reinventing Horizons (display, 2016) and Allegorithms (Litteraria Pragensia Books, 2017) and is curating a series Gaming the Aftermath.