19.00 - FuturoGunk Colloquium / Presentations (Dustin Breitling, Daniel Hüttler & Janina Weißengruber)

Sunday 10 October 2021


AdO/Aptive foments critical thinking, potential action, communication and Otherness by adopting techniques to situate adaptive processes. It was first initiated as a reading group in 2019 and evolved into a fluid identity with its core_members now being Janina Weißengruber and Daniel Hüttler. Besides a regular reading group conducted at school in Vienna (https://www.weloveschool.org/ ) or online, they organize the rA/Upture conference (October 2020 at nadaLokal in Vienna & May 2021 at OFF-Biennial Budapest), work on collective publications and other artistic projects at the intersection of experimentation, speculation and critique.

Dustin Breitling

Dustin is a PhD student attending Masaryk University, based in Prague and helps organize the Diffractions Collective.