AdO/Aptive foments critical thinking, potential action, communication and Otherness by adopting techniques to situate adaptive processes. It was first initiated as a reading group in 2019 and evolved into a fluid identity with its core_members now being Janina Weißengruber and Daniel Hüttler. Besides a regular reading group conducted at school in Vienna ( ) or online, they organize the rA/Upture conference (October 2020 at nadaLokal in Vienna & May 2021 at OFF-Biennial Budapest), work on collective publications and other artistic projects at the intersection of experimentation, speculation and critique.

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ajCarruthers (also A.J. Carruthers) is an Australian-born experimental poet, critic, and an Associate Professor at Nanjing University. Books include AXIS Book 1: ArealAXIS Book 2 (Vagabond 2014; 2019), and Stave Sightings: Notational Experiments in North American Long Poems (Palgrave 2017). He is currently working on a second and perhaps longer version of the Consonata, a sound poem which was first recorded in its entirety in 2019 for Cordite Poetry Review and is accessible here: 

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Audrey Szasz

Audrey Szasz (aka Zutka) is a London-based writer, performer and sound designer with roots in Central Europe. Her experimental narratives combine vivid prose with exotic imagery and macabre satire. She has been described alternately as ‘the postmodern heir to the disarranged novels of Anna Kavan and, more closely, Ann Quin,’ and ‘a deviant genius of surreal and perverse image-play.’

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Autopoetik is a project of Martin Lauer concerned with the creation of artificial or utopian soundscapes which are formed in a maelstrom of improvisatory responses to prerecorded samples, loops and field recordings. Instead of treating the field recordings merely as an ambient background, they are approached as an active ingredient of the emerging soundscape as their texture coincides with the dynamics and energy which gushes forth from the randomly formed connections between sounds. Autopoetik often performs in tandem with VJ Eli Anders and his second album EZY6266 inspired by the sounds produced by airplanes and air travel was released in 2019 on Meteorismo.

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Candice Wuehle

Candice Wuehle lives in Lawrence, Kansas. She is the author of the novel MONARCH (Soft Skull, 2022) as well as three collections of poetry. She earned a doctorate in Creative Writing at The University of Kansas, where she was the recipient of a Chancellor's Fellowship. Her studies focus on the relationship between trauma, memory, and the occult.

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Carrie Lorig

Carrie Lorig is the author of The Pulp vs. The Throne (Artifice Books) as well as several chapbooks, including The Book of Repulsive Women, which was selected by Lily Hoang for the Essay Press Chapbook Contest. 

She is a doctoral student in School Psychology at Georgia State University with a focus on trauma and trauma-informed care. 

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Darina Alster

Darina Alster is an artist who lets herself be known through clearly articulated testimonies on the limits and thresholds of the contemporary world. She breaks conventionally assumed boundaries, opens various taboos and critically engages with contemporary society. She is interested in immediate social realities, but also in the givens of the human soul, in archetypes and mystery. She is a visual artist, performer, writer and teacher liveing and working in Prague. Since 2016, she has been caring for the Prague section of Mothers Artlovers. Since 2019, along with Kateřina Olivová, she has been co-head of the studio of New Media 2 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

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Eli Anders

VJ Eli Anders explores performative synesthetic capacity of visual material found and created by herself. Noise and distortion are tools to break through the language construction into the borderless and safely land back. She presents it in collaboration with Auopoetik, hoping to involve the view-/listener into communication.

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Ella O’Keefe

Ella O’Keefe is a poet and researcher who lives in Melbourne on the unceded lands of the Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung language groups of the Eastern Kulin Nations. Her debut collection Slowlier was published by Cordite Books in January 2021. Her work has been published in Australian and international journals and anthologies. She was the joint winner of the 2018 Harold Tribe Poetry Award. She is the former audio producer of Cordite Poetry Journal and completed her PhD at Deakin University in 2019.

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Gaia Ginevra Georgi

Gaia Ginevra Giorgi (1992, Italy) is a poet and performer. In 2016, she published her first poetry collection Sisifo (“Sisyphus”), and a year later, her second collection Manovre segrete (“Secret Manoeuvres”). In 2019, Giorgi created a performance Proprio come per le formule magiche (“Just Like the Magic Formulas”), which exceeds mere poetry lyrics by connecting the body, word, and machine. Also in 2019, she published Sylvia Plath. L’altare scuro del sole (“The Dark Altar of the Sun”), which is not only the poet’s biography, but also an insight into the time of Sylvia Plath's life and work. Giorgi's poetry has been translated into Spanish, Romanian, and Turkish.

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Jake Goetz

Jake Goetz, a poet and the editor of the online magazine Marrickville Pause, grew up on Dharawal Country (Southern Sydney), but has also spent much time in Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as living in Meanjin (Brisbane). His first poetry collection, meditations with passing water (Rabbit Poets Series, 2018), was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Award. He currently lives by a drowned valley estuary on Gadigal land (Sydney's Inner West), where he is a PhD candidate in Writing/Literature at The Writing and Society Research Centre, Western Sydney University. 

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James Knight

James Knight is an experimental poet and artist. His visual poetry has been published in  journals and anthologies, and has been exhibited at the Poetry Café in London and in online exhibition spaces such as Poem Atlas and Mellom Press. Latest publications include  Machine (Trickhouse Press), (dis/re)membered (Steel Incisors), Rites & Passages (Salò Press) and Bloods Dream (Beir Bua Press).

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Jan Matýsek

Jan Matýsek is a visual artist and a stage designer. He builds his own stories and myths out of external and internal inputs and through their associations and causalities explains phenomena between heaven and earth. He combines transhumanism, ecofeminism, and physicality with psychotherapeutic tools of hypnosis and incantation. He primarily expresses through videos with an emphasis on the imagination of unconsciousness. He composes his videos into video installations – imaginary, ritual spaces, and mediates its transformation or transcendence on an inner level through direct communication with the audience. He’s inspired by shamanic practices of initiation and becoming aware of the hidden. He studied at the studio of new media 2 at AVU in Prague, studio of stage design at JAMU in Brno, and had an internship at the studio of experimental film at UdK in Berlin

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Jan Škrob

Jan Škrob was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1988. He is the author of three books of poetry, Pod dlažbou (2016), Reál (2018), and Země slunce (2021). His debut collection was nominated for the 2017 Magnesia Litera Czech literary award in the "Discovery of the Year" category. In 2018, Škrob won the Czech-German Dresden Poetry Prize and in 2019, he was shortlisted for Jiří Orten Award given to the best Czech book written by an author of 30 years of age or younger. His poetry teeters at the intersections of the personal and the political, the fictitious and the real.

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Jo Blin

Jo Blin is an angry immigrant and a multimedia artist currently based in Prague, where she co-founded the Obejvák project space.

Often lost in light pre-apocalyptic thoughts, her experiments, images and words go from bold statements to vain protests, unheard prayers, and powerlessness-infused self-portraits. But don’t worry, she’s okay.

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Johannes Göransson

Johannes Göransson is the author of eight books - most recently POETRY AGAINST ALL and Transgressive Circulation: Essays on Translation - and the translator of several more, including books by Aase Berg, Ann Jäderlund and Eva Kristina Olsson. He also edits Action Books and teaches at the University of Notre Dame. 

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KAJET (Petre Mogoș and Laura Naum)

Petre Mogoș and Laura Naum are the editors of Kajet, a Bucharest-based journal that proposes an internationalist understanding of Eastern Europe. In an attempt to decolonise the imagination and thought of the region, their work tackles the complicated relationships between East and West, periphery and centre, as well as the legacy of the past and the possibilities of the future. Kajet seeks to challenge stereotypes, shift perspectives, and document lived experiences, by emphasising the role of parallel worlds and practices that are lived simultaneously yet at different speeds and contradictory rhythms.

@kajetjournal @dispozitivbooks @cameraarhiva

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Karolina Zapal

Karolina Zapal is an itinerant poet, essayist, translator, and author of two books: Notes for Mid-Birth (Inside the Castle, 2019) and Polalka (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018). As an immigrant and activist writer, she writes frequently about her native Poland, languages, borders, and women’s rights. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals. She served as the Anselm Hollo Fellow at Naropa University from 2015-2017. She now works at Westfield State University.

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Katia Sophia Ditzler

Katia Sophia Ditzler, (*1992), studied Interdisciplinary Art and Cultural Anthropology in Leipzig, Berlin, Kyiv, and Moscow.  Her work explores the intersections of literature, music, video, as well as performance art.  In her most recent work she explores the political mythologies as well as propaganda mechanisms of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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Louis Armand

Louis Armand is a Prague writer, theorist & visual artist. His novels include, among  others, Vampyr (2020), GlassHouse (2018), The Combinations (Equus, 2016), Abacus (2015). His theoretical works include Videology (2015), Solicitations (2013), Event States (2007), and others. In addition, he is the author of eleven collections of poetry — most recently Monument (with John Kinsella, 2020), East Broadway Rundown (2015), and others. He is formerly an editor of VLAK magazine & Directs the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory at Charles University, Prague.

Official website

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Marie Iljašenko

Marie Iljašenko (1983) was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, into a family of Czech-Polish descent. Her collection of poems Osip míří na jih (“Osip is Heading to the South”) was published in 2015 and nominated for the Magnesia Litera Prize. Her second collection of poems appears in 2019 and it is titled “Sv. Outdoor” (St. Outdoor). Occasionally she also writes short stories, essays and columns. She is active as a translator and works as an editor in the publishing house. She lives in Prague.

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Martin Zet

Martin Zet is a Czech artist, performer, and sculptor. His artistic activity also covers drawing, photography, happening and author books. In 1979–1985 he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He lives and works in Libušín, where in 1998 he founded the Centre for Contemporary Arts, under whose auspices he organised various artistic and publishing projects. Apart from many solo and group exhibitions, Martin Zet has authored  a number of publications, e.g. Video (1998), FMZ! (2001), and O (2016). His most recent work is the author book, Star (2021), a reflexion of his four-month stay at the Motol landfill last year. 

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Michael Rowland

Michael John Rowland is a member of the Prague based Zvlášť Collective and Obejvák Project Space collaborative. He is Co-founder of the Alt*Art Society with Chantelle Goldthwaite; an international project set up to promote collaborative art projects around the world. He is also Co-Curator of the online gallery ‘Isolation Collection’.

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Muanis Sinanović

Muanis Sinanović (1989) is a Slovenian poet and essayist. He has published four collections of poetry and a collection of prose essays. He has been translated into several languages and included in domestic and international anthologies. In 2020, a book selection of his poems was published in Serbia. He is the recipient of two national awards.

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Noemi Purkrábková is a Prague-based theoretician, writer and DJ. She is a co-founder of an amorphous collective BCAAsystem, exploring future territories somewhere between music and visual arts. Together they are involved in a variety of projects, from audiovisual performances, concerts and live streams to video work, gallery exhibitions and music label activities. In her narrative sets she likes to knit together seeming contradictions – soft melodies meeting harsh noises, heavy beats changing place with whispers, calming lullabies growing into doom. </3

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Sunday 10 October 2021

Olga Stehlíková

OLGA STEHLÍKOVÁ works as a freelance writer, editor and critic with a focus on contemporary Czech literature. She has founded the Ravt on-line magazine (, she moderates literary programmes in Czech Broadcasting and works as book editor. She has put together dozens of books of poetry and prose for various Czech publishing houses and her poetry has appeared in many Czech and foreign literary magazines. Her debut book of poetry, Týdny (Weeks, Dauphin 2014), won the Magnesia Litera Book Prize for poetry.Her latest book for children, a catalog of people called Já, člověk (Me, human) was published in 2021 by Albatros, Mojenka (Mylene) will be published in 2022 in Host.  

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Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton is based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. She is an experimental poet, artist and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory. Her collection About the Author is Dead is available from Cordite Books and was shortlisted for the 2019 Mary Gilmore Award. 

She also plays in the band The Stress of Leisure. 

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Philip O'Neil

Born in London and based in Prague, Philip O’Neil has worked as a journalist and editor for a variety of publications in the UK, Belgium, Romania, Alaska and the Czech Republic. Mental Shrapnel, based partly in Prague, is his first novel. He is currently writing a second, set in the Czech Republic.

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Ráhel Anna Molnár

Ráhel Anna Molnár (b.1992) is a writer, artist and editor of publications. She’s involved in the DIY, self-organised cultural scenes of Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She’s been building different platforms for the research and expression of peripheral regions, people and ideas. In her artistic work, she’s working primarily with text and (in-situ) installations. Her projects are sensual explorations of treasures she finds under her nails, mostly formed by close collaborations with visual and sound artists.

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Rebecca Jessen

Rebecca Jessen is a timeless boi. a linen daddy. a random shy poet. a sleeping body that remembers desire. a comet trail. a body that is a bridge. a moonstruck adolescent. an incomplete list poem. a lesbian, but… Her debut poetry collection Ask Me About the Future (UQP, 2020) was recently shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Poetry, the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry and the Anne Elder Award.

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René Georg Vasicek

René Georg Vasicek, aka R.G. Vasicek, the son of Czech defectors, was born in Austria in 1969. He grew up in the pine barrens of eastern Long Island and has lived in NYC since 1995. His books include the cybernetic anti-novel THE DEFECTORS (J.New Books, 2020), CYBORG (self & machine-made, 2021) and the forthcoming anti-anti novel MACHINE (Sweat Drenched Press, 2021). He is the recipient of a 2012 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature. He lives inside his Mind.

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Richard Makin

Richard Makin is a writer and artist. He studied painting at the Royal Academy, London. His publications include the fictions Concussion Protocols (Alienist), Mourning (Equus Press), Dwelling (Reality Street), Forword (Equipage) and Universlipre (Equipage). His next novel is Work, to be published by Equus during 2021; excerpts from this book are serialized online by the publisher and have appeared in Golden Handcuffs Review and Tears in the Fence. He is a regular contributor to Alienist magazine. A further work of fiction, Martian, is forthcoming from if p then q. Richard lives at St Leonards on the south coast of England.

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Ron Kolm

Ron Kolm is an American poet, editor, activist and bookseller, based in New York City. Kolm came to New York in 1970 and got a job at the Strand bookstore, where he worked with Tom Verlaine and Patti Smith. By 1980 Kolm established his own small press; Low-Tech Press. Kolm has been one of the editors of their anthologies: Unbearables (1995), Crimes of the Beats (1998), Help Yourself! (2002) The Worst Book I Ever Read (2009) and The Unbearables Big Book of Sex (2011), all published by Autonomedia. Kolm's own publications include The Plastic Factory (1989, Red Dust), Welcome to the Barbecue (Low-Tech Press, 1990) and Rank Cologne (P.O.N. Press, 1991).

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Sandra Paslawska

Sandra Paslawska is an event producer and a performance artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2020 she joined the OBJECT:PARADISE performance and poetics collective as the performance director. Her favorite tools of expression are language, movement, and video making. Last spring two of her short movies were exhibited at ZEST Hall's gallery “BODY” exhibition (UK).

Srđan Srdić

Srđan Srdić was born in Kikinda, Serbia, in 1977. He’s written four novels, two short-story collections, and a book of essays. He’s won the following literary awards: Ulaznica (2007), Laza Lazarević (2009), Biljana Jovanović (2012), Edo Budiša (2012), and a scholarship from the Borislav Pekić Fund (2010). Srđan Srdić’s books have been translated into many languages, such as Macedonian, Khazak or Albanian. He lives in Mikro-naselje, next to Kikinda.

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Syndicate is a Prague based outfit of variable line-up indulging in improvisation and exploration of sound. Syndicate's dramatic and colourful soundscapes transcend ambient / psychedelic jazz / world music / field recording / eclectronic / post-rock habitats and make for a visceral experience in live concerts, yet they are also well-fitted for providing intimate and evocative atmosphere at movie screenings as well as poetry readings. In 2017, Syndicate self-released its first EP Dissolution, a collage made up of fragments of recordings from the musico-poetry sessions Talk Like an Alien which took place in the former Solution club in the Krymská street in Prague.

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Third Party Branch

Third Party Branch is the technical solutions division of the notorious KSX conglomerate. Operating in the wired since 1980, our past partners include Punctum, SDBS, Diffractions Collective, and the Internet. Our main focus is solving problems, plugging cables, and generating sono-optical situations.

Tyko Say

Tyko  Say  is  the  founder  and  director  of  poetics and  media  at  the  Prague-based  performance and poetics collective, OBJECT:PARADISE. His works,  curations,  and  performances  surround the notion of language in time and space specific happenings. His past projects include reading the ingredients label  of  a  bean  can  while  wearing  a  black  hat, crying while laughing while not on public transport,  reading  his  miranda  in  front  of  an audience,  filming  his  feature  film  on  the  ants  in his  bathroom  (on  VHS  on  house  arrest),  and propagating the subjectivity of the dictionary.

Zsolt Miklósvölgyi

Zsolt Miklósvölgyi is a critic, editor, and art writer from Budapest, Hungary. He is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Berlin-Budapest-based art collective and publishing project "Technologie und das Unheimliche" (T+U) and editor of the Café Bábel essay journal. He is also the Co-Founder of the experimental food art collective "Libatop Visionary Cuisine". His ongoing (para)academic, artistic and curatorial interests include post-digital printing, comparative ethnofuturism, spatial and geopoetic speculations.

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