19.00 - 19.30 Jo Blin, Post-Glitch Delirium

Sunday 1 November 2020

Jo Blin

Jo Blin is an angry immigrant and a multimedia artist currently based in Prague. Her work takes various forms to explore and obsess about current social & political issues, contemporary human behaviors and the absurdity inherent to her own practice. Often lost in light pre-apocalyptic thoughts, her experiments, images and words go from bold statements to vain protests, unheard prayers, and powerlessness-infused self-portraits. But don’t worry, she’s okay.

Post-Glitch Delirium 

Post-Glitch Delirium is a confused video collage stitching together current anxieties, information distortions, performative anomalies, misunderstandings, troubled poetry and aimless protests.

Interactive Reading

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