Prague Microfestival is an annual festival of the arts – a festival of writing, art, performance, and video. It is fully bilingual, translating numerous poets and authors into Czech or English, and bringing them to the Czech stage, many for the first time. The 2018 edition included 21 authors from 10 countries, followed by music & art, including performances by Ivana Atanasova & Vanessa Place, theatre performed by Blood Love & Rhetoric and of course Thursday’s gig from The Dim Locator. We also had the MICROSHOW gallery, a student conference MICROLAB on Saturday, and The Manufacturing Dissent panel discussion series on Friday from 4 to 6. THURSDAY 24 MAY, 2018 6 pm – 9 pm Ondřej Buddeus Birgid Kreipe Germán Sierra Kimberly Campanello Steffen Popp Mária Ferenčuhová SPECIAL FEATURE: CITY PRIMEVAL NIGHT – Phil Shoenfelt FRIDAY 25 MAY, 2018 6 pm – 9 pm Anja Golob Richard Makin Jopa Jotakin Interior Ministry Andrew Hodgson Jaruna Oválská (OS & MO) SPECIAL FEATURE: Alienism and VANESSA PLACE SATURDAY 26 MAY, 2018 6 pm – 9 pm Martin Reiner Ailbhe Darcy Sean Bonney Vanessa Place Jeroen Nieuwland Magdaléna Platzová SPECIAL FEATURE: LAVU CIE – Cutting Into Dog, TEREZA Munighova SUNDAY 27 MAY, 2018 6 pm – 9 pm Rikki Ducornet Max Oravin Aušra Kaziliunaite Stewart Home Aidan McCardle Cris Cheek SPECIAL FEATURE: BLOOD LOVE and RHETORIC, Louis Armand (The Combinations) TRANSLATORS Tereza Munighova: German Sierra, Maria Ferenčuhová, Aibhe Darcy, Jeroen Nieuwland, Ausra Kaziliunaite, Aidan McCardle Kristyna Grenova: Kimberly Campanello, Birgid Kreipe, Anja Golob, Andrew Hodgson, Cris Cheek, Max Oravin Jan Luhan: Steffen Popp, Jopa Jotakin, Sean Bonney Martin Pokorny: Rikki Ducornet